10 Signs PR is the Career for You

By T-Aira Sims


Think you may be interested in a career in public relations? Here are 10 Signs PR is the Career for You!

1. You’re a great multitasker.
At times, the field of public relations requires a great deal of juggling. With this said, if you’re able to work on multiple projects simultaneously and still meet deadlines, you’re sure to succeed in PR.

2. You’re unfazed by rejection.
As a PR professional you’ll experience a great deal of rejection. Be it from a client or a journalist passing on coverage for the millionth time, ‘No’ is a word you’ll become well acquainted with. Therefore, if you have thick skin, are flexible and can quickly adapt and change the game plan, you are sure to thrive in the world of public relations.

3. You’re an awesome communicator.
This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but it must be said. If you’re able to clearly and succinctly communicate your thoughts and plans, PR may be the perfect career for you!

See here for how to be a great communicator.

4. You’re a great writer.
Believe it or not, PR professionals spend most of their day writing, rewriting and writing some more. If writing is a task you enjoy and you consider yourself a bit of a grammar aficionado, you’ll be excellent at public relations.

See here for how to TurboCharge your writing for public relations!

5. You’ve been told that you’re an awesome storyteller.
PR Pros are storytellers. We are able to look at a person, product or brand and immediately identify a number of story angles to accompany it. Further, our minds are trained to innately ascertain a variety of audiences, demographics and media outlets it may relate to. If this is you…give us a call, you’re a natural!

6. You’re creative.
Public Relations professionals are trend setters. However, in order to set trends you have to view the world differently than the average Joe. Publicists are creative. We see beauty and potential in what others deem ordinary. We identify attributes in a product, then brand and create messaging around it to make it appealing to consumers and target audiences. Therefore, if you’re an out-of-the-box thinker and a bit of a trend setter, PR may just be your calling!

7. You love to research (your friends often say you have “detective skills” because of how easily you’re able to find answers (i.e. Googleis your best friend).   

Publicists are called to be experts on their client. To do so, we not only have to be knowledgeable about their product but their competitors and their industry as well. Also, we often have to search for facts, tidbits and any applicable info to help us properly leverage our client in the news.

8. You love the news!
If you eat, sleep and breathe all things news related …DUDE, just be a publicist already! Publicists work with a variety of news outlets ranging from newspapers and magazines, to online news sites and blogs – and we love them all! While we don’t technically write the news, we certainly contribute to it! We publicists take undiscovered products, foods and people and introduce them to journalists all over the world through carefully calculated pitches and story angles. From here, the brands we represent make their way into the lives of people all across the globe, who may have otherwise never of heard of them…that’s a big stinkin’ deal!

9. You thrive under pressure.
In the world of PR, there are often crises (just check out Solange & Jay-Z), hard deadlines and high stress situations that arise. If you’re able to keep a cool, level, head and think quickly on your feet…(you know the rest) you’ll be great at PR!

10. You’re a grammar nut, and at the very least, you know the difference between their, they’re and there (and other basic, but common, grammatical/spelling errors).    

No explanation needed. Grammar is everything!

If all of these don’t apply to you, that’s completely fine! Practice is key; and believe it or not, public relations is actually a skill that can be learned over time.  There are a variety of tools and resources out there that will help you. Also, if spelling and grammar isn’t your strong suit don’t be discouraged, just purchase an AP STYLEBOOK (every publicist’s lifeline) and you’ll be better in no time.

Why don’t you give public relations a try?

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