5 Tips for Successful Media Pitching

By Katie Cycan


If you can’t get anyone to listen, does it even matter what you are saying? Honing your media relations skills is essential if you want to get your story out there. Use these 5 tips for successful media pitching to take your public relations to the next level:

1.    Be interesting. What’s surprising about the story you are pitching? What’s new? What’s different? Are you interested in your pitch? If the answer is no, you need to revise.

2.    Be concise. No one wants to read your 1,000-word pitch. Not the reporter and probably not even the client featured in it. Avoid cramming every single strategic message in your initial pitch. If reporters want more information, they’re going to ask, so don’t be afraid to cut it down.

3.    Be a good listener. Whether it’s a colleague’s fresh perspective, a unique insight from a client, or honest feedback gleaned from a reporter, a good PR person needs to be an excellent listener. You never know where the next big idea will come from, but you are more likely to be able to capitalize on it if you are receptive in the first place.

4.    Be flexible. If a pitch isn’t working, mix it up and try a new angle. If a reporter asks that you communicate via email instead of calling, respect that. This is a dynamic industry so adapt, grow, learn and innovate.

5.    Be honest. Be honest and direct in your pitches. If you don’t know something a reporter is looking for, say so, and find out the answer quickly.

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