A Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Advertising

By Amy Alfaro


Facebook is constantly evolving and changing its algorithm to fine tune which posts appear in a user’s Facebook newsfeed. In December, Facebook announcedan update to its Newsfeed Algorithm that would show the “right content to the right people at the right time,” to focus on Facebook becoming a source you turn to for news. So, what does that mean for your brand? It means that your posts may not reach as many of your fans as before. But before you ditch your Facebook page because of the changes, I encourage you to think about how to use Facebook differently.

The new changes make getting your posts seen that much more competitive, but ignoring the platform completely is the wrong way to go. With over 1 billion active users, Facebook is still a powerhouse social network that has the largest number of people to connect with. As a brand, we need to refocus on how to connect with them. That is where Facebook Advertising comes in.

Here at Crier we can work with your team to develop a fully integrated paid Facebook strategy to help grow your social media fan base and increase engagement on your page. Below is a step-by-step beginner’s guide to Facebook advertising to get you started:

1) Determine Your Objectives: Do you want to increase the size of your community? Draw more Comments, Likes and Share on your posts? Have new people see your posts? Each of these objectives will determine the type of Facebook Ad you place.

2)  Select Your Ad Type:  Facebook offers many kinds of Facebook Ad placements that can help you reach your objective including Page Like Ads, Sponsored Stories, Boosted Posts, and more. Crier can work with your team to determine which makes the most sense for your campaign.

3)  Targeting: Facebook offers a very granular ability to target. Not only can you target by demographic, but by Interests and Life Moments. You can target based on people who “Like” your competitors, your brand’s category, and much more. Even more specific than that, you can target by Life Moments such as ‘Parents with Children’ or ‘People with upcoming Birthdays.’ Crier can fine tune your targets and make recommendations to give you the highest return on your investment.

4)  Budgeting: It doesn’t take a huge budget to grow your following. In fact, even if you have a large budget to dedicate to Facebook Advertising, we recommend starting small to really fine tune your targets and make sure that your ads are performing. Crier can work with your business to determine a recommended budget to get started and reach your goals.

Change is hard, but inevitable with social media. Before you make the leap to a new platform, consider where your audience is. You may just need to reach them in a different way! If you are interested in getting started with Facebook Ads,contact us here.

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