But are You Ready?

By Danielle Caldwell


Often times, small businesses eagerly jump into the world of PR with goals of elevating brand awareness and boosting sales, but are unprepared for what lies ahead.

Here are a few things to think about before hiring a PR agency:

Who are you?
This may seem silly, but it’s most important. Do you know what makes your company stand out from the competition? What do you do best? Why should people care? While your PR firm can certainly help you develop and streamline your brand messaging, you should have a pretty solid idea of who you are and what you have to offer beforehand.

Do you have the bandwidth to dedicate to PR?
Of course, your PR team will be working diligently on your behalf to pitch the media, generate interest in your product or services, coordinate product sample shipments, and schedule interviews and appearances. But don’t forget that they will require an internal point person with whom to synchronize. Client/agency communication is integral, so make sure that there is someone available to fill that role.

Is your business structure ready to support growth?
What does your distribution model look like? Is there product available? Your PR company is going to generate buzz…be sure you can fulfill the demand.

Is your website functional?
Before we start directing editors and reporters to your website, be sure that it is functional. This is often your very first impression—take advantage of it!

Don’t be afraid to be patient and wait until the time is right. Once all of your ducks are in a row and you feel confident that your company and your team are ready for PR, go for it!

We’re ready when you are.

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