Call to Adventure

By Bill Hoversten


Sure, adventure can mean something physical. In the past five years, I’ve learned to ride a motorcycle, parasail, and snowboard – and have taken a San Soo Kung Fu class. Now I’m no expert in any of these areas, but I do enjoy taking on new challenges!

Have you noticed – when you try something new and daunting, there’s always that moment when you cross over the divide, to go from fear to belief and then on to success.

The first time I registered to run the L.A. Marathon, I had real doubts about finishing those 26.2 miles. So I joined a group called the L.A. Roadrunners, which held weekly training runs.

As I started out one Saturday morning – still dubious about the upcoming race – I was joined by a group of women who shared that this marathon was their training tool. “Training tool?” I asked. Yes, they said; they regularly ran “Ultra-marathons” – that is, marathons of 100 miles! And all these women were in their forties and fifties!

That was the moment when I realized I could do this.

But adventure doesn’t need to be something athletic. Or risky. And it doesn’t require travel to exotic locales.

It could be something as simple as trying a new food or recipe. Taking a different route to work, even if it’s longer.  Reading a magazine or listening to music that’s outside your same old / same old “comfort zone.” Varying your routine just a bit.

Why? To keep your mind active and your imagination engaged. Your new perspective can keep your attitude fresh and positive – and fuel creativity.

As the saying goes, “Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve.”

So how about it? Something new and different today? Are you ready to go for it?

What adventure is calling you?

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