DONE! Our Favorite Tips for Productivity Every Day

By Katie Cycan


Keeping productivity up day in and day out is an absolute must for anyone inpublic relations and social media. Here are some of our favorite tips for making the most of every day:

Making a list and checking it twice – You probably already have a to-do list to keep yourself on track with daily tasks and goals, but it’s also important to reward yourself in a small way when you finish each task. Saying the word “done” as you cross something off the list can actually boost your mood and focus.

Nothing but white noise – One of our favorite sites at Crier is Noisli, a web-based tool that allows you to create your “perfect sound environment” (yes!). You can save your favorite combinations of background noise (who else is into Railroad Coffee Rain Wind?) and switch between “productivity” and “relax” presets. Ambient noise has been shown to help focus and even creativity. Keeping distractions at bay never sounded so good!

Touch everything once – So much happens within email in PR, that your inbox becomes ground zero for personal productivity. Giving credit to my mother for the “Touch everything once” rule (she uses it as a mantra while cleaning up a messy room) I’ve repurposed the advice here as an email productivity tip. If you open and read something, do it just once and then immediately act on it by responding or create a task/flag to complete it later—or file it away (even if it’s in the trash). You won’t find yourself revisiting the same email over and over unnecessarily.

Take a break – Really! Staring at your computer for ten hours straight may look productive and dedicated on the outside, but if you are checked out mentally, how is that really helping you accomplish anything? It’s imperative to take a break from the screen if only for a quick lunch away from your desk or a brisk walk around the block. Need a reminder to get some air? Check out these apps.

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