Event Planning 101

By Devin Pence


If you’re like me, you’ve always loved to host parties, whether they be formal dinner parties, casual hangs or “movie and wine” nights. Symptoms of party planning addiction are:

  1. Your friends love you but think you’re neurotic.
  2. You hate it when guests arrive right on time (that’s when last-minute mascara happens!).
  3. You can never ever have enough ice.


That being said, there is a huge difference between hosting parties at home and planning a large-scale event. Here are some agency tips for surviving the world of event planning – and being good at it.

  1. Identify a goal for your event. For fundraisers, this may be a dollar amount. For brand awareness events, it may be post-event media coverage or cultivation of new fans.
  2. Narrow in on an audience. Are you targeting existing supporters of your organization or trying to reach new ones? Also consider the event location and only invite people who are likely to travel there. For those who are unlikely to attend, save them for future events that you know they’ll want to go to instead.
  3. Programming, programming, programming. What are people showing up to do? No, your event doesn’t need to include indoor rock climbing. It does, however, need a hook. For foodies, serve an eclectic menu that will surprise their taste buds. For potential non-profit donors, choose speakers that will tug at those heartstrings.
  4. Follow up. You already created an amazing invitation that convinced people to attend. Now that it’s over, be sure to thank your guests and share upcoming opportunities for them to get involved.

Interested in hearing more? Check out some of our recent food & beverage eventshere and get planning!

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