First Impressions Don’t Matter

By Bill Hoversten


We’ve all heard how important it is to make a good first impression. But the importance of this truism often gets blown out of proportion – almost as though nothing matters after that.

If you’re selling to consumers, you already understand. The first time they see or hear your product mentioned, they may think of it favorably. But it will take more than just one impression before they buy. Marketing studies have shown it generally takes at the very least five impressions to translate into a purchase.
What’s an impression? An advertisement they see or hear. An article they read online on in print. A feature segment on television. A shelf talker. Product placement on screen. A mention in a blog. Word of mouth from a friend or acquaintance. Repeated occurrences of these events.

Think of each impression as an opportunity to connect. Each connection is helping a potential customer form an opinion – and then reinforce that opinion. Finally, he or she will (hopefully) select your product instead of its competitors on the shelf – or even go in search of your product.

Here at Crier, we’re all about helping our clients “tell their story.” But with the short attention spans and limited time available in the hurried, multitasking lives of today’s shoppers, often that story can only be told in short blips, fleeting images and sound bites.

The cumulative effect of this messaging will lead your customer – hopefully – to the decision to buy.
So while it’s always good to have a first impression, you may find it’s even better to have a good third, fourth, and fifth impression.

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