Food Photography: From Artificial to Authentic

By Jenna Benty


As Crier continues to expand its photography services, the more I am asked, “that ice cream is really mashed potatoes right?” The truth is, our food photography is more authentic than you might think. Food stylists are trading in their lipstick-laden strawberries and food colored burgers for real ingredients and homemade food.

After a major backlash against false advertising and greater interest in healthy foods, companies have opted for more authentic representations of their products. Also, with the rise of social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and foodgawker, amateur food photography has become quite popular and has broken down the invisible wall between professional chef and at-home amateur chef. As smartphones become more sophisticated, everyone has become a food photographer exposing what real food truly looks like. Right before our eyes, food photography has assumed a much more authentic and natural look, where imperfections are embraced and celebrated.

I find that this style change tends to reflect the current trend – or dramatic switch – towards general transparency in the food industry. Food companies are downsizing ingredient lists and opting for easy-to-read nutrition labels on even more simplified packaging that has embraced the look of “fresh-off-the-farm.” As the organic industry continues to skyrocket (in 2014, it was reported that “organic industry sales reached $290 billion”), I think it’s safe to say this trend towards more authentic natural food photography is here to stay.

The following photo was shot in Crier Studio for Great Low Carb Bread Company– all real food was used!


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