Food Trends: Fads or Here to Stay?

By Jenna Benty


When you work in the styling and presentation of food, you pick up on food trends happening in markets and food retailers. Some trends are bound to be total fads (I’m looking at you Whole Foods with your asparagus water) and some look like they might be here to stay. And you’ve heard it here first, plant-based is in. Here is what I am finding to be strong food trends for 2016:

  1. Root-to-Stem Dining: Yes, you’ve heard that right, don’t throw away that stem. Now I’m not suggesting that you eat the tops off of your carrots like Bugs Bunny, I merely suggest that you are able to utilize that stem to your nutritional advantage. Try juicing those carrot tops or sauteeing your broccoli stems. Waste not!
  2. Vegan Cheeses: Ah, yes cheese. The one big HECK NO keeping us from trying out veganism. But vegan cheeses are now in the spotlight and becoming gourmet. Look out for fancy cashew or almond based cheeses that will (almost) make you forget about the real deal.
  3. Savory Yogurts: Stay away from the honey! Have you ever thought of mixing your favorite greek yogurt with sea salt instead of sugar? How about topping with pesto or olive oil? Trust me, savory is the new way to spice up your yogurt routine.
  4. Healthy Fast-Food: Now let me be real for a second, accessibility to healthycheap food has become scarce. As markets shut down, and unhealthy fast food restaurants pop-up, the probability of obesity increases. However, restauranteurs are becoming aware of the problem and are looking for solutions! Famous restaurateur Roy Choi (mastermind behind the famous Kogi Truck) just opened up a low-cost high-quality fast food restaurant called LocoL in Los Angeles creating better accessibility to healthy food. We are hoping this trend is here to stay!
  5. Food Delivery Services: Consumers want to know what is in their food. And with recent food preparation issues (ehm Chipotle) and a new fear of ingredients that you can’t pronounce (who doesn’t want a little butylated hydroxyanisole?) consumers want to see what is going into their food, or better yet, they want to make it. To make the process easier, food delivery services such as Plated have sprung up to simplify the process. They deliver high-quality ingredients based on what is in season, a thorough recipe and a success rate 10x the amount of anything you find on Pinterest.

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