How Video Is Taking Over Social Media

By Amy Alfaro

Noticing more videos in your social media feeds? You aren’t the only one. With Instagram now introducing longer videos and Facebook’s new algorithm that shoots video content to the top of a fans’ newsfeed, more and more brands are jumping on the video bandwagon. It’s easy to ask yourself, how are videos taking over social media? Video content allows you to tell an effective story about your brand that can engage your customer in a way a still image just can’t. And for health food brands, it’s the perfect way to show how your brand can be enjoyed or used in a recipe.

According to a recent industry report, 73% of marketers plan to increase their use of video in the future. Videos can serve so many functions from an internal sales tool to in-store demo video to social media and beyond. They are versatile enough that you can really make the most of them by using video in several different ways.

Here are a few case studies for how video can take your marketing efforts to the next level:

Halo Top Creamery offers a low calorie, high protein ice cream. With only 240 calories in a whole pint, we wanted to go big with our recipe. We created the ultimate Banana Split recipe video featuring an entire pint of Halo Top. Once the video was created we used it for post content across all social media channels and placed a Facebook ad campaign to support it. The Facebook ad campaign highly targeted the regions in which Halo Top is sold and interests relevant to the Halo Top customer. Over the course of the two-month campaign, we generated over 7.2 million video views and reached over 9 million potential customers through our video ad campaign.

Deep River Snacks was launching a new chip brand, HONCHOS, an organic nacho cheese chip. They wanted to communicate just how much better their chip tasted compared to other popular chip brands. To do this, we created a blind taste test video to create a humorous and informational video to communicate their messaging. What we got was an authentic, hilarious and fun review of their chip that they can now use as an internal tool, sales piece and social media content.

Made in Nature was looking for a recipe video that would not only promote their new Figgy Pops on Facebook, but also content they could display in-store along with their samples and demonstrations. We created an easy Figgy Pops cookie recipe video that highlighted the delicious and healthy snack. Without any paid media support the video amassed over 7,600 views and continues to be used as a training tool at retail.

Popkoff’s All-Natural was trying to reach more customers who were not aware of their Russian Pierogies. We created a 5 Ingredients in 5 Minutes video series where we featured easy recipes you could make using Popkoff’s through fast and easy recipes. For this particular video, we generated over 23,500 video views in just a few days!

If you want to get started with video for your brand, contact us here and learn more about our test kitchen and photo studio. Looking forward to cooking up something delicious with you on social media!

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