Instagram Stories – Yay or Nay for Your Brand?

By Cat Wood

When Instagram Stories first rolled out, there was a perplexed reaction across the board – Snapchat on Instagram? The confusion was apparent as many first stories from accounts (whom I follow) were posts consisting of photos or videos with comments like “What – another Snapchat?”, including my own! As days, now weeks have passed, what are people saying and thinking about Instagram Stories? Are people still using it? Yay or nay for your brand?

Great questions. Just as the realm of social media is always changing and updating, we also need to keep up with the changes. Here are 3 ways Instagram Stories can benefit your brand.

#1) Show The Real #liveauthentic

In the current Instagram world of desiring to get the perfect polished shot, more times than not, there may be a lack of authenticity. Instagram Stories allows you to be real in front of your followers, in real time. Take your followers behind the scenes, and give them a tour of where all the magic happens. Whether it’s in an office, warehouse, or kitchen, Instagram Stories gives you the opportunity to take your followers with you!

By being more vulnerable and personable in your stories, it naturally deepens your relationship with your followers and increases brand loyalty. Since there are no real “rules,” you don’t need to be afraid of overposting or choosing the right filter. Be you and have fun being creative with emojis and the drawing tools.

#2) Form a Deeper Bond

Since you already have an established following, you don’t need to worry about the daunting stress of starting from scratch on a new social platform. Utilize Instagram Stories to take your followers on a whole other level.

We’ve seen Snapchat Takeovers, where someone else takes over your Snapchat handle for a period of time. Usually, these people are social influencers with a large follower base, and it’s beneficial because their followers typically follow you to watch stories from the influencer. The same concept works on Instagram Stories, so utilize this feature instead of directing your followers to go on another social platform. This allows followers to engage with your product if it’s being reviewed or used by the takeover.

Communication is key. People can comment on your stories and they’ll be sent as a private message in your inbox. You have the choice to opt in or out, but we recommend to turn it on as this is a good opportunity for people to ask questions, comment, etc. This feature is great for Q&A sessions, as people can write in questions as you answer them via Instagram Stories!

#3) Private Tracking

Have you ever deleted an Instagram post because it wasn’t performing well? (Be honest.) Different from regular photos or videos, Instagram Stories does not have likes, public comments, or public number of views. All of the tracking information (number of views and who viewed it) is private, so you can let out your sigh of relief and not worry about the public performance of your stories.   

With that said, we don’t recommend careless or nonrelevant stories either. Instead, remain strategic, and of course, always stay on brand!

As Instagram Stories is still relatively new, the ball is in your court. Think of it as a new feature to reach your audience in a different way, while still aiming for your social media objectives. Try it out, experiment and play around, as the post only lasts for 24 hours. What are your first impressions? Comment below and we’d be excited to chat!

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