Read this big gas post and you just might ship your pants.

By J.P. Lincoln


As an integrated marketing agency, we pride ourselves in being more creative than the next guy (or gal). But having a client willing to take creative risks is even more important. Once client and agency agree upon the one thing we want to communicate, it is up to the agency find a compelling way to get that one thing across. And, in our view, the more outrageous the concept, the better.

The sad fact is, many clients are hamstrung by the desire to play it safe and not ruffle any feathers. But in our increasingly A.D.D. world of incessant multi-media bombardment, ruffling is what you need to rise above the noise. As my (very) distant relative Abraham Lincoln famously quipped, “You can’t please all of the people all of the time.” He was onto something. Don’t even try.

Inexpensive gas was the one thing Kmart needed to communicate in one spot, and the ability to ship products when shopping in person was the other. Making these two mundane USPs win mind share is no easy feat. The fact that these provocative spots produced by Draftfcb Chicago were OKed by Kmart’s brass should be commended.

So in the spirit of creative bravado, a hearty congratulations this week goes to Bill Kiss, chief digital marketing officer for the mega monolith of retailers Kmart for Ok-ing a most puntastic series of YouTube videos that have not only gone viral, but poked, provoked and shared their way into new life as a TV commercial.

Clients large and small, please take note. If a company as large and venerable as Kmart can take some creative risks, so can you.

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