Sensing a Pattern—The Best PR Clients to Work With

By Katie Cycan


There is so much content out there devoted to the public relations fiascos that make all of us PR professionals cringe. And there is perhaps even more dedicated to the clients who make it all possible, and, of course, the occasional witty satirethat gets the embittered publicist through long days with a laugh.

Over the years at Crier, we’ve been fortunate to work with so many incredible teams that these grievances aired on Tumblr just don’t apply to. And we’ve noticed some overall similarities in the way they work with us.

So what have we found makes a great PR client—and ultimately a fruitful PR partnership over the long term?

Openness – It’s sometimes difficult for clients to give up control of the message but having a PR team just execute a vision without any input or creativity is a waste of resources (and feels a lot like this for the agency). When we work with a client who is open to trying new things, it’s a very real asset for a PR campaign—especially in this current media climate where breaking through the clutter is key. When a client decides its business is ready for PR, it’s opening itself up to new possibilities and fresh perspectives that can have a significant impact on the brand and on the bottom line. Being open is the first step.

Responsiveness – Our best clients keep us in the loop! They know we are here to help and want to move everything forward, so we can make the most of our partnership. Letting us know their feedback and what’s coming down the pipeline next allows us to be efficient and effective. Everybody wins when the lines of communication are open.

Respect – At the risk of sounding preachy, it all comes down to respect for each other’s time, ideas, and hard work. Whether it’s as simple as not rescheduling conference calls five minutes after they were supposed to start or keeping upcoming project deadlines reasonable, when a client respects its PR team, it goes a long way and it shows in the work. The scary reality of PR is that so much effort goes into the behind-the-scenes to land that perfect hit. The client who knows and respects this is the client who makes us work even harder to deliver time and again.

When it works, it works—and it’s a beautiful thing! And here at Crier, we’re so thankful for the great clients who have made our work impactful, productive and rewarding.

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