Step Up Your Twitter Game for the Holidays

By Amy Alfaro


The holidays are almost here and it is time to start thinking more seriously about your marketing strategies on Twitter. This holiday season, Twitter users plan to spend an average of $800 on holiday gifts for family and friends. So how do you connect with these users and make your product or service at the top of their holiday wish list? Follow these tips to grow your followers and generate sales this holiday season:

Creating the Right Content: Twitter has reported that 52% of holiday shoppers have seen something on Twitter that caused them to make a holiday purchase. So the first thing you need to do is get the right content in front of your customer. Tweets with less than 100 characters get 18% more engagement. Instead of putting all the information in one tweet, break it up into 3-4 smaller tweets. When it comes to media, tweets with photos or graphics are more likely to receive retweets, favorites and replies. Don’t know where to find rich media for your posts? Look at your existing content from your website or other social media platforms as a jumping off point.

Growing your audience: Your potential customers are already on Twitter, they just might not know you are. Use Twitter’s search feature to find relevant keywords and hashtags. For instance, a vegan soup company may search popular vegan hashtags and reach out to Twitter users when appropriate. Tweets from brands who reply just once a week have 18% higher engagement over brands that aren’t replying.

Generate Leads: Before you even begin writing a tweet, ask yourself what you want the user to do with this information. Do you want them to engage (retweet, favorite, reply) or click thru to purchase on your website? To make sure your holiday promotional tweets perform the best they can, leverage Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards. Simply visit Twitter Ads tool and set-up this free card which will allow your tweet to have a call-to-action button such as “access coupon now” or “shop now.” These Lead Generation Cards have shown a 42% increase in engagement and allow you to optimize for best performance.

Promoted Tweets: Even when you have done the first three steps, sometimes you need some assistance to get your holiday sale or promotion in front of your potential customer. Twitter Advertising’s robust targeting capabilities allow you to target by interests, demographics or people who follow certain Twitter profiles. You can even take your Lead Generation Card and promote it so more potential new followers can see it.

Measure: Whether you have a social media measuring tool or not, Twitter’s free analytics provide plenty of data to measure how effective your holiday marketing activities are performing. Visit the Tweet Activity Dashboard and see how many views your tweets have received, number of retweets, replies, favorites and much more!

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