Theory of Persuasion

By Amy Alfaro


Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery? And if so, how can we use this theory to better our relationships with clients, co-workers and customers? If you have ever taken a Psychology 101 class you have probably learned about mirroring. It’s been found that subtly mirroring a person’s nonverbal cues (i.e. hand movements, crossing legs, etc.) will leave the other person with positive feelings and perhaps even persuaded. Which leads me to think, with communication becoming less face-to-face and more online than ever, how can we use this same principle to become better communicators and in turn better advertisers?

Enter: Crystal Knows. A new software that will scan public writing and tell you the best way to communicate with a client, customer, co-worker and more. Based on the way you have written in the past, it picks up on certain cues you make in writing and then shares this information so that you can best “mirror” your recipient. Does your colleague respond best to lengthy or short e-mails, blunt or personal, etc. Depending on how well you mirror the person in your own writing, you will have the same effect as if you were mirroring face-to-face. You may be the best communicator out there, but unless you are communicating in the way that is best for the relationship you are building it is ineffective. This simple tool has vastly upgraded communication style and persuasion in just a few simple clicks.

Mastering face-to-face mirroring is one thing and using Crystal is helping with your e-mail mirroring, so how can we apply this to your marketing? It’s simple. Get to know your audience and figure out how they tweet, post and comment. If you are reaching out to potential customers on social media, you need to write like them. Figure out what the lingo is within your target audience. For instance, talking to a Crossfitter who is all IIFYM and burpees is entirely different than talking to a new green mom looking for #CDOOTD (Cloth Diaper Outfit Of The Day). Search where your audience is, understand their tone and then appeal to them with custom content that mirrors their lifestyle. You’ll be surprised how this simple shift in your communication style will make a world of difference.

Thoughts on mirroring and persuasion? Nerding out over Crystal Knows? Feel free to e-mail [email protected] for more information and to chat Crier Social Media.

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