Three crucial things to look for in a PR agency

By Katie Cycan

Finding the right PR fit is often a difficult task. We’ve heard time and time again horror stories from clients from those dark days before they finally found Crier:

“We spent all this money and we got nothing. Nothing!”

“We were charged extra for each long distance call our account person made!”

“We could never reach our team. On the phone or over email, it was RADIO SILENCE!”

It is always a leap of faith working with an outside agency, and the very public nature of public relations doesn’t make this leap any easier. And, obviously, businesses are always different: their needs, their approach to media relations, their goals, their work style, their company culture. Nevertheless, we’ve come up with a few things that every PR agency should be delivering for their clients:

  1. Availability your firm needs to be accessible to you and respond to questions and suggestions in a timely, reasonable way. Everyone gets busy but if your account people can’t ever make time for you, it’s doubtful they are making time for the media on your behalf either.
  2. Creativityyour firm should be approaching your media campaign in a unique way. Even if it’s not a direction your brand ends up going in, brainstorming together can be so helpful on both sides of the agency/client partnership. It can help you see how your agency thinks and in turn, how your message is getting communicated.
  3. Enthusiasm if they aren’t excited about your brand, how are they going to get the media excited about it? Genuine enthusiasm is the mark of a great PR team and one that can deliver results for you. It is absolutely essential.

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