Three Easy Things Everyone Should Do on Social Media, But Aren’t

By Amy Alfaro


Social media can be overwhelming. Platforms are constantly changing,  whether it is new features on Instagram or ongoing changes for brands and advertisers on Facebook, developing content can be daunting, and managing customer service can become a full time job. So how do you keep juggling these many social media tasks, while continuing to keep a strong relationship with your fan base? Follow these three easy things everyone should do on social media, but aren’t. These simple tips will grow your brand’s social media pages:

1)  Do more than broadcast: Think of social media as a party and your brand is the host. The best kind of host might start a conversation, but then let their guests mingle and get to know each other. The same is true for your business’ social media pages. Don’t be the guy at the party who only talks about himself and how much he is worth.  Instead, introduce a fan’s photo by sharing it with the rest of your followers or ask questions that will cause a lively debate among your fans. Not only will this help bring a variety of content to your page, it will encourage fans to engage with you even more.

2)  Introduce Yourself: Many brands create a Twitter page and then check their “social media” box off the to-do list. One of the best features for brands on Twitter is its search functionality. Leverage Twitter to search for existing or potential customers already chatting about your brand or industry. You would be surprised how many people are ready and willing to promote your product. Reach out to them, thank them, and encourage them to learn more about your product. Just 10 minutes of outreach on Twitter a day will do wonders for your Twitter following!

3)  Incentivize Fans: Sometimes the product speaks for itself and the best way to get people talking about your product on social media is to have them try it. Identify social media influencers in your industry and encourage them to try your product in exchange for a post. It’s worth setting aside budget for social media samples. It is important to have like-minded supporters backing your brand and if you do it strategically, your social media channels will reap the benefits.

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