By J.P. Lincoln


The back of all our Crier business cards have icebreakers on them. Under the heading of “I’M INTO,” we list our passions, favorite booze, foods, authors and the like. One of mine is typography.

Like any true graphic design enthusiasts will tell you, God is in the typeface. Like a picture, the right font is worth a thousand words. We pick up more than the literal meaning of the words we read – the shape of the letters communicate in a different language, one that can really help to tell a story well – especially when that story is a short one, like a headline or the name of a product on a label.

But to really understand type you need to know the lay of the letter. If nothing else, you can invoke the following typographic arcanery the next time someone blathers on about some little known fact about something. Who knew typefaces have lobes, bowls, loops, tails and ears? Now you do:


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