What A Twitter Curated Timeline Means For You

By Amy Alfaro


Twitter recently rolled out the new Curated Timelines, the first significant update since they went public. Translation: You can now set up your own curated stream of tweets from any public Twitter user. Whether it is a list of tweets you want to read later or tweets about your favorite TV show (cough, Scandal, cough).

So, what does that mean for your brand? Well, it is giving brands the opportunity to position themselves as an expert curator. It gives brands one more piece of unique content to share with its fans! To get you started, here are our favorite use-cases for Twitter’s new curated timeline:

Events: It is no secret that Twitter is a fantastic resource for events. Whether it be people tweeting about a TV show, music festival, or branded event your reach increases exponentially when people are sharing their experience on Twitter. Curated Timelines allow the chatter about your brand event to be controlled, centralized, and less time sensitive. With these curated timelines, you can direct your fans to the timeline post-event. Check out this great example of Carson Daily’s The Voice Timeline.

– Industry Expert: Is your brand an expert in the field? Curated Timelines give brands the opportunity to position them as such. Creating a curated timeline of the hottest news and updates about your industry will make your curated timeline a destination for any fan looking to learn more on the topic. With social media, you always want to give fans a reason to engage with you by offering them something exclusive they can’t get anywhere else. A great example of a brand already doing this is Politico’s Energy Tweet Hub.

– Twitter Chats: If you have participated in a Twitter Chat or Twitter Q&A before it can often be a fast-paced and overwhelming process. It is great during the chat, but like most things on Twitter, after a few hours those tweets are long gone in your Twitter stream! Curated Tweets allow you to better organize your Twitterview and share it with fans after the chat is over.

– Internal Communications: You just launched a product, held an event or had a great Twitter promotion. Twitter is buzzing about your brand and the next step is to share the success with your team.  Although, until now there were not too many ways to do just that. Now if you want to share the buzz on Twitter you can easily drag and drop your favorite tweets into the Timeline and share with your team!

To learn more about how to set-up your first Curated Tweet stream find step-by-step instructions here.

How will you be using the new Twitter Curated Timeline?

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