What’s Your Story?

By Bill Hoversten


So much of what we hear every day is a person or organization telling their story through some platform. What’s your story? It might be a politician giving a press conference, a company producing a commercial and buying broadcasting time, a composer’s song hitting the charts, an author’s book being widely read, a person’s video on YouTube going viral.

At Crier we help our clients tell their story to the media – and ultimately to their consumer base.

We start by creating a pitch, press release, event, online post or tweet, etc. And when media contacts show interest, they can develop that pitch or story idea into a news or feature story on TV, in newspapers or magazines, or in online and social media.

But what makes for a good story?

– Something new or unique might give rise to a stand-alone news story. Or if there are several such companies, our client might be part of a “round-up” of similarly newsworthy companies.

– Perhaps a manufacturer’s products are part of a consumer trend. In this case too, its products will be mentioned along with others in the same story.

– Maybe a company’s product has seasonal appeal for end-of-the-year holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, and New Year’s. Or maybe it deserves a mention in the summertime around the Fourth of July.

– A new business model – or a twist on an old one – can be the basis for a story in a trade or general business media outlet.

– A product launch – especially “the first” of something – can also be newsworthy.

Then there are feature stories.

– Great personal story about the owner, founder, key personnel, etc. For example, a human interest story might make mention of some remarkable motivation for starting the company – even a personal challenge or tragedy. Was the founder able to overcome huge obstacles and succeed?

– Sometimes it comes down to telling a thousand-year-old story in a fresh new way.

The common thread in how Crier gets results in telling your story to the media? Respecting the rules of the game – and being creative.

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