You have your first big media hit – what’s next?

By Katie Cycan


When you get a positive review for your product or company in the media, congratulations are in order—but that’s just the beginning.

What should be your very first move after basking in the glow of some enthusiastic press praise? Thank the media contact you worked with. “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” ~G.B. Stern. So true.

Share internally with your employees and encourage them to share the news as well with their contacts. Great press coverage is a morale booster for those within your organization and can also be a useful tool. For example, your sales team can email the hit directly to retail accounts and add it to presentations as part of a “sizzle reel” to share with potential clients in the future.

Promote the coverage on your social media pages so all your current fans and followers can see and share for themselves. You might even get an additional shout out from the actual outlet or reporter you worked with.

Depending on the permission you can secure from the outlet, you may also be able to share the coverage in your customer e-newsletter, add the hit to your website on your “In the Media” section or even purchase a wire press release to further highlight the positive news.

Your PR and social media team can also potentially repurpose the coverage and pitch to bloggers or other outlets that may be interested in the topics covered. For instance, if a fitness trainer demonstrated some new ways to use your exercise equipment on a morning TV show, fitness bloggers looking for fresh tips for their readers may be interested in posting the link to the video on their own sites.

And be sure to keep track of any hiccups along the way. When another big hit comes your way, you’ll be even better prepared.

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